2017: Microsoft MVP and more

Microsoft MVP

It’s official. I’m Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies. It’s first time I got this award. I’m truly happy and wanted to thank you:

  • Microsoft for granting me the award
  • My family for supporting me through this year
  • All the members of Warsaw .NET User Group. 2016 was a very good year and we’ll make 2017 even better!
  • All my friends for all the support I received, both in organizing WG.NET meetings and just being there
  • All the groups and conference organizers for having me!

The award doesn’t mean it’s time to rest. Frankly speaking, it’s quite opposite.


The new year will bring some changes. The very next post will start a series of posts about making event sourcing functional. Don’t worry if you don’t know the event sourced approach or functional languages. I’ll start from the very foundations and build up on top of it. This might be not considered as a change, as I had a series about RampUp. This time it’s going to be a true series of well connected entries. If you find it interesting, a few series might appear in here.

There’s a new activity that I don’t want to talk to much about right now, but it will be a another game changer. It will take place in March and I’ll announce it in two weeks.

Finally, I’ve added more information about me and my incoming talks. I hope you’ll find it useful.

It’s time to start a brand new year!


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