My name is Szymon Kulec. I’m experienced system builder, delivering solutions rooted mostly in .NET stack (C#). The advocate of Service Oriented Architecture done right. Proven applier of Event Driven Architecture and Event Sourcing approaches immersed into Domain Driven Design.

Eager learner and knowledge propagator on various meetups. The Warsaw .NET User Group leader.

Contributor and creator of Open Source solutions touching various domains, from creating the Padded Fody plugin to contributing AKKA.NET serializer Wire or Marten library

Zealot of Continuous Delivery, preferably provided with a blend of TeamCity, Octopus Deploy and some custom PowerShell scripting, not to mention code reviews integrated into the process (GitHub/Upsource).

I know GIT’s Plumbing and Porcelain.

Fan of concurrent and parallel programming with understanding of mechanical sympathy, squeezing out millions of ops/s from a few cores.

Microsoft MVP 2017 for Visual Studio and Development Technologies.