On morning routines that work

Posted on March 29, 2018 · 1 min read · tagged with: #personal

It took me some time, which included, reading, trying things out and testing myself, to come to the rule that works for me and that allows me to do more, especially in the morning. Let me share it. Hopefully it will change something for you.

Start small. The most important thing was to start small, with a thing that I could keep up with. This could have been something, like drinking a glass of water. All I needed to is to do my first thing every morning. Once it was a habit, I moved to another one. This created a spiral of self-reinforcement, helping me with moving more different things to the very morning.

It looks that it worked pretty nicely. Currently the morning set includes:

  1. meditation
  2. preparing meals for family
  3. reading
  4. reviewing things to do
  5. a morning journal (in a very very short form)

This brings me to 7:15 - 7:30 AM where “the real day” starts. The inspiring thing is, that before it starts, I’ve got a lot of important things done.

Next time, if you fail with building a habit, start small. After achieving a small success, you’ll be able to pick something bigger.