Top Domain Model: the end


This is the end of mini series related to Top Domain Model. Let’s quickly go through all the topics we’ve covered.

Top Domain Models

  1. In I’m temporal we’ve covered one of the most underused techniques in modelling. Adding an explicit temporal dimension to the model.
  2. Reading that I’ve been pivoting all night long brings a lot of different questions about aggregates and modelling them from different perspective, selecting the most useful.
  3. In behaviors, processes and reactions we observed that aggregates on their own are meaningless. Why one would capture all the events if none of them caused a reaction?
  4. The last chapter reminds to not be so implicit and that capturing the same value twice or more sometimes is required to build a meaningful and useful model.


I hope you enjoyed these loosely connected articles about modelling. As always, it’s not about the most real models, but the most useful ones.