Concurrency - ramp up your skills

Posted on October 28, 2016 · 2 mins read · tagged with: #concurrency #RampUpNet

Yesterday, I gave my Extreme Concurrency talk at rg-dev user group. After the talk I had some really interesting discussions and was asked to provide some resources in the low level concurrency I was talking about. So here’s the list of books, talks and blog posts that can help you to ramp up your skills


  1. [C++] Herb Sutter “atomic Weapons” - it’s about C++ but covers memory models in a way, that’s easy to follow and learn how it works

    1. Part 1

    2. Part 2


  1. .NET Volatile class - it has a good description of what half-barriers are and properly shows two counterparts Read & Write methods
  2. .NET Interlocked class - the other class with a good description providing methods that are executed atomically. Basically, these methods are JITted as single assembler operations.


  1. RampUp - a project of mine :)
  2. [JAVA] Aeron - the messaging library


  1. Concurrent programming on Windows by Joe Duffy - this is a hard book to go through. It’s demanding and requires a lot of effort but is the best book if you want to really understand this topic


  1. Volatile reads and writes by Joe Duffy
  2. Sayonara volatile by Joe Duffy
  3. Atomicity, volatility and immutability are different by Eric Lippert - that’s the last part of this series

  4. [JAVA] Psychosomatic, lobotomy, saw - the name is strange but you won’t find here disturbing videos. What you’ll find though, is a deep-dive into memory models.