Motivation is nothing

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Grit is everything

For sure you saw it before, a person gets motivated to do something. Whether they attended a conference, or saw a video how to do 100 push ups under 1 minute. The thing is that the source of this motivation is external and is just an impulse. It may encourage one to get involved but it won’t help to maintain the habit. I’d say, that you GET motivated sometimes, but you AREN’T motivated all the time. It’s so important to make the next step and see, that to really make something you need perseverance, you need persistence, you need a plan. If you exercise EVERY work day, that’s a totally different than exercising A LOT. The first is a plan, the other is try-to-follow-plan.

Not all-in-1

Remember one thing. If you want to change your life, you can’t do it at once, but rather, you should pick a thing and stick to it. Focus on one thing, make it a habit and move on. With this approach, you can build up a big mental muscle that will help you with next aims. To give you an example I stopped eating sweets and sugar over 1 month ago (this seemed impossible to me).

Mastering one thing at a time isn’t my idea and it has been proven in various cases.

Grit becomes a very popular topic. Don’t just get motivated to learn it some day ;-)


The crucial thing in achieving your goal is constant execution toward it.

I always say: "Do it slow every, day but fast whole year".

The cool thing is that everybody has the same problem, so those with great grit have the highest possibilities to succeed :)

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