Zone, where are you?

I love working in the zone. I find this flow extremely productive and exhaustive the same time, but if one asks is it worth to go in There, my answer is always yes.
Through the years I’ve learned a few things about myself and my responses to different measures I use to get in it.

The very first thing which I use to help me to get to the zone is a specific kind of a music, I don’t listen to outside my work. The genre isn’t important at all. What is important is to inform myself that ‘this is the moment I want to work hard and extremely productive’. Wearing headphones helps always as it separates you from the background noise, but that’s the music that helps to get in there.

A cup of a black coffee. No sugar. If it was a fourth one, I’d go with a tea.

Standard tooling
I need to have all my favorite tools on board. It requires VisualStudio, Resharper and SSD based machine with a proper CPU and a few gigs of RAM.

And here we go… 🙂