Enzyme: an experimental serializer for modern .NET

There's a lot of serializers on .NET market. Some of them have cross-platform support some of them not. There's one thing that is a foundation of a good serializer: it must be fast. Recently, I spent some time on extracting a pieceĀ  that was in some sense a serializer and finally has become one. After … Continue reading Enzyme: an experimental serializer for modern .NET

Pearls: the protobuf’s discriminated union

Google Protocol Buffers is a proven protocol for serializing data efficiently. It has a wide adoption, enabling serialization for almost every platform, making the data easy to exchange between platforms. To store its schema, you can use .proto files, that enable describing messages in a platform agnostic format. You can see an example below: message … Continue reading Pearls: the protobuf’s discriminated union