NHibernating with interfaces as entities, pt. 2

The solution to the question, what can go wrong with NHibernate, when you use interfaces as your entities mapped with NH is... naming. When you try to save a transient object, to make it persistent with NH, you call ISession.Save(object) method. If you drilled down its implementation you'd see that it fires NH's event SaveOrUpdateEvent … Continue reading NHibernating with interfaces as entities, pt. 2

Solrnet NHibernate integration

Every developer which creates a scalable applications with high read/write ratio finally has to move to some query oriented storage, which allows almost instant, advanced querying. Solr is one of the frequently used solutions, providing a nice performance with advanced indexing/querying. Talking to Solr needs an API and for .NET and you can use SolrNet. … Continue reading Solrnet NHibernate¬†integration