Why persistent memory will change your world

TL;DR If you haven't heard, the non volatile RAM memory is coming to town and for sure will change the persistence patterns of databases, queues, loggers. Want to know more about this new wave of hardware? Read along. API The first and the most important aspect is that persistent memory on Windows, reuses already existing … Continue reading Why persistent memory will change your world

Cel: MVP

[PL] To będzie krótki post. Po spojrzeniu na moją aktywność w roku 2016 postanowiłem zgłosić swoją kandydaturę na MVP w kategorii Visual Studio and Development Technologies. Wiem, że to dopiero październik i wcześnie na podsumowania, ale biorąc pod uwagę liczbę prezentacji, kontrybucji do projektów Open Source, zorganizowanych spotkań Warszawskiej Grupy .NET i postów na tym … Continue reading Cel: MVP

Single producer single consumer optimizations

The producer-consumer relationship is one of the most fundamental cooperation patterns. Some components produce values, issues requests and some consume/handle them. Depending on the number of components at the end of this dependency it's called 'single/multi producer single/multi consumer' relationship. It's important to make this choice explicit, because as with every explicit choice, it enables … Continue reading Single producer single consumer optimizations