I'm with Ukraine and I'm no longer Microsoft MVP

Posted on March 02, 2022 · 2 mins read · tagged with: #personal

There’s a conflict between my values and the approach that Microsoft company was publicly presenting from the beginning of the putin’s invasion on Ukraine. Microsoft provided no clear statement and only 2 days ago they published Digital technology and the war in Ukraine. Their social profiles, including Twitter mention bold statements like inclusion, empowerment, innovation but it looks like it’s not that fancy to condemn putin straight in the face. Finally I observe people of Microsoft raising this and discussing it in public. The company though, remains silent. At this moment I’m not interested in wearing the MVP badge provided by a company that cannot speak clearly and to the face in timing manner.

Now, probably you have a few questions, doubts or remarks. If you do, let me help you to clear them out.

Why you talk only Microsoft

Why I don’t push that hard on hundreds of other com panies? So you can do it on your own. I’ve spent years in .NET ecosystem and Microsoft has provided the stack that I worked with for years. I had MVP title from them.

Why lose impact

Do I lose the impact by saying that I’m not willing to be an MVP? I can still talk to people, I can still give presentations, I can still help in their development. The only thing that I no longer have is a title provided by the company that does not clearly speak up and condemn the attack.

But Microsoft is doing a lot

It’s more than sure that they do as well as Microsoft people. I’m missing this the clear statement provided to the face of the aggressor. You may want to you don’t see the big picture me now. I might not see it.

Dotnet Foundation got it right

It’s interesting, because the Dotnet Foundation takes a stand and clearly says We Stand with Ukraine. It was a direct, clear and to the point, action taken in time. I like it.