Terrible terrible exception with .NET

Posted on April 16, 2021 · 2 mins read · tagged with: #dotnet #csharp

Sometimes things are not right. Sometimes exceptions seem to be occurring more often than usual. In this post I cover exceptions that can happen when working with .NET apps. Instead of occurring in the app itself I’ll assume people faults. And yes, this is a terrible terrible Friday post loaded with dad jokes. Let’s move on!


This is a terrible, terrible exception. Its symptoms include things like:

  • all apps seem to be really responsive
  • mouse clicks are terribly loud
  • things like APIs and method names are easy to be forgotten
  • where was I anyway?

The cause is as simple as that. There’s no coffee in your blood stream. You can easily fix it by drinking a lovely warm mug of coffee.

Just In Time F**kup

This kind of exceptions, even if perceived as impossible to forsee, are strongly correlated with planning things. Especially if you a huge thing planned, like a big release or maybe a family dinner. The timing is also important because the closer the event is, the more likely is this exception. This exception is a Just In Time F**kup.

It’s caused (or maybe correlated, wh at’s the difference anyway) with scheduling or planning things. For people with empty calendars, it’s highly unlikely to occur. Another aspect of it is related to the importance of the app that breaks. Now imagine having a flight scheduled for your first holidays in 5 years. Imagine that you build Covid reporting app. You can just now tell that you’re not going to fly.

The fix? Oh, that’s simple. Don’t plan your life. Be agile. And I don’t mean sprints, etc. Just. Don’t plan.


Oooh, that’s a hard one. It may happen to people that are willing to learn new things in short period of time. Consider reading the mighty book about Pro .NET Memory Management in 24 hours or consuming the whole Async Expert in 1 day (probably impossible as it has over 30 hours of content). You can probably recall some cases from your past.

Symptoms might be similar to the OutOfCoffeeException but long lasting effect are so much better. You learn and associate new things. I wish you as much these long lasting effect of HeadOverflowException as possible.