Blogs that I read

Posted on March 01, 2021 · 4 mins read · tagged with: #personal #mental

Reading books changes people. At the same time we live in times where articles, blog posts, essays are a popular form of sharing knowledge. They deliver as much value as longer forms of the writing. Below, I present a few blogs that I read frequently. As always, posts are added to my Instapaper to devour them whenever I have some time. The blogs are presented in an alphabetical order.


Aeon is one of these blogs/portals that I frequently disagree with (for example, their take on the meritocracy). I find it useful though to reflect on things that I may perceive in a different way. Banging the drum for things that you only agree with and not consider other points of view isn’t healthy after all.

Farnam street

Farnam street is led by an ex-worker of a three letter agency (check out the about page) and focuses on being a better thinker. If you didn’t hear about Charlie Munger, Richard Feynman and their take on learning, reasoning, investing, this is a great source to learn from the best. If you prefer to listen to podcasts, the knowledge project, created by the same people, provides you with around 1h long interviews with people mentioned in the articles.

As I admitted before, my entry in this topic was harsh. Initially I didn’t like it, but now… it’s a different story.

No kill switch

No kill switch is a blog of Sebastian Gębski (@liveweird). I had a pleasure to work in Sebastian’s team a while ago. If you’re looking for a crispy thought process, not willing to bend to trends, being thoughtful and open-minded this is the thing. His blog is a very interesting blend of technology, peopleware and healthy management practices & observations.

Tomasz Onyszko is a CTO of a Predica LTD. Tomasz provides interesting insights to technology on multiple levels: personal, company based, trends/changes. What’s interesting about his writings is that they present a really interesting, strategic point of view.

Principled Perspectives

Ray Dalio, the author of amazing Principles uses LinkedIn to provide his Principled Perspectives on reality, markets and personal aspects of our lives. He uses it to publish chapter of his recent book, The Changing World Order.

Too Slow Exception

The Too Slow Exception is a blog authored by Konrad Kokosa (@konradkokosa), the author of Pro .NET Memory book and a co-founder of Dotnetos initiative that, together with Łukasz Pyrzyk (@lukaszpyrzyk), we started a few years ago. It might look a bit silly, to add an associate blog to this list, but I find it extremely inspiring to work with Konrad on daily basis, wearing our Dotnetos hats. At the same time being able to follow his detailed, .NET related blog posts is pure awesomeness.


This is a recent one. The creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin (@VitalikButerin) has a blog titled Vitalik that deals with many aspects of modern life. Of course it covers cryptocurrencies, especially Ethereum, but you also can find amazing ideas like Quadratic Payments: A Primer which look like a potential next step for a modern society. I must admit that ideas presented here are far from easy write ups and require mental effort to understand it fully.


There are many more blogs that contribute to my personal learning process. I’m far from claiming that these are the only source of the ultimate truth that one can seek. At the same time these are the ones that I read vividly and that devour whenever something new pops up.