Good enough drawing for tech people

As you probably noticed, all the images that I use recently as headers for my blog posts are drawn by hand. They are not perfect, but still, they enable me to practice a little bit and to spend time on drawing instead of searching for a perfect photo with permissive enough license. I’m not an expert in drawing but wanted to provide a few hints that you might incorporate on daily basis to get better at drawing.

You can draw

Take a pen, or better, a marker and draw a line, a triangle, a circle. I don’t mean sketching and doing countless moves to draw these shapes. Use just a single movement and move forward. No thinking or fixing. One move – one line. And please, don’t start the I can’t draw because… mantra.

Your drawings, your tools

You don’t start your day by asking What tools can I use today? Do I need to use vim? someone else in your office. You’ve got a preferred set of tools and you should use the very same approach for drawing. For instance, I stopped drawing on whiteboards. I use only paper and try to use it efficiently. Good markers for paper does not cost that much (for instance, take a look at awesome Neuland offer) but will provide you with a tool, that you can get consistent results with. If you have paper and your marker, you cannot blame the tools, can you?

One drawing a day

There’s a lot of books showing how to draw. Probably, you can find one on your own. The most important aspect it to make it a routine. For instance, recently, I was able to draw a snail. Again, it’s not a perfect snail but one can tell that it’s a snail.


The last but not least is answering the question why would one spend time on learning how to draw at all. I must admit that I’m a bit tired of blobs of substance that are drawn and loose context after 10 minutes, becoming rubbish at the end of the day. Drawing a header, numbering pages, drawing simple shapes is so much better than polluting surface of paper or a whiteboard with mini brain dumps. And it’s not that I’m not doing it at all. At least, I try to minimize it and make simpler drawings that mean something.

Next time, when I’ll be able to navigate conversation to make somebody mention a snail, I’ll be able to capture the context perfectly, not to mention, unlocking an achievement 😉


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