The grip

You want to lift some heavy weight with your arms. You start and then, after a few weeks/months, you cannot progress with the weight. You change your program, your approach but it doesn’t help that much. Then, you take a look at your limb and you notice, that there’s this part that didn’t get that much attention. You notice that there is a forearm that you’ve never trained. There is a grip, that you don’t have.

We all do have our weak grips. We forget about training these little unneeded muscles as we want to focus on big gains and bigger tasks. But with no strong grip, there’s no synergy, there’s no body that is strong as a whole, but rather just biceps and triceps and all the other muscle groups. When thinking about the next big thing, reconsider your choice. Maybe, there’s a small item that, addressed before the big one, will lead to enormous gains. It might be developing a soft skill, it might be reading a few books about a neglected area of your life. All it takes is to look at yourself as a whole and see the missing grip strength.

What’s your grip then?

2 thoughts on “The grip

  1. Its better to develop soft skills than other.
    Because, with good soft skills you can gain a promotion and then hard skills will not be needed.
    Life is for smart people.
    No for those, who think they are smart.

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