Get off my lawn!

Get off my lawn!

This is probably the most common sentence that a weed can hear. Excluding swearing and asking where are all the chemicals that one can use to eradicate them. The same sentence shows a true picture of being a gardener. You’re never done, even if you remove the last weed from your lawn. Next rain, or a seed being sawed by the wind. New weeds will eventually appear and you need to learn how to deal with them – this is the reality.

Developers often forget about the very same nature of developing software. Mistakes, bugs, failures – they will happen. Some of them are promised the new and shiny big rewrite, some of them buy the premise of the ultimate and only tool that will make all the pain disappear. It won’t happen. Ever. The gardening nature of being a developer is inevitable. But fear not. You and me, we need to learn not only new technologies and approaches, but we also need to spend some time on learning how to take care of our lawn. The weeds will appear and it’s better to be prepared and just remove them as they appear. This is the nature of developing and maintaining software.