Unboxing yourself with books

Posted on November 27, 2017 · 1 min read · tagged with: #books #personal

20 books. That’s the number of books I challenged myself to read during 2017. One week ago I ended my challenge with a positive score 20 out of 20. 20 books per year? It’s not a small number. It wasn’t that easy to achieve either.

There was a tricky part in this challenge. Every book that I read was followed by a short review. Also, my goal was to read non-technical books. Not only non-technical, but also no novels, no poetry. This leaves things like economy, psychology, philosophy, presentation skills. Things that developers’ brotherhood is often afraid or not willing to invest their time in.

I must admit that this year provided me an experience that I could name as unboxing. Reading 20 books from areas much different than my profession or, for example. science fiction novels, really changed my perspective. Lets not dive into details now, but rather focus on the outcome of this experiment. I truly perceive some things in a different way now.

It’s your turn. If I can encourage you to anything, please settle a goal for 2018 and reach out for some non-technical, non-fiction, non-prose books.


For sake of reference, these are books that I read in 2017.

Yes, I put one technical book in there as it was really good.