DevConf 2017

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The first, 2017 edition of DevConf has ended. Both, on the social level and the content level it rocked. Also, this was the very first time I’ve ever given a presentation in English.

Top 3 talks

I haven’t seen all of the talks as I was preparing for mine. Frankly speaking, it’s quite hard to both enjoy a talk and be stressed before yours so I chose a third option and drank a few cups of delicious coffee (no stress, no attendance, just coffee). If I had to choose top 3 talks (in no particular order) these would be:

What is .NET Standard? by Adam Ralph

An interesting presentation showing the mess before .NET Standard and the beauty of the common interface to bind all the platforms together. Good jokes about graphs, some numbers and, the last but not least, insightful journeys into type-forwarding that enabled this whole thing to work.

Kudos to Adam.

Domain Driven Design: The Good Parts by Jimmy Bogard

A very interesting presentation of removing bad parts from DDD, making it focused on things that matter the most, which is…. (you better watch the presentation). It’s worth to add that it was beautifully and naturally storyfied with real projects Jimmy was involved in.

Kudos to Jimmy.

“Cargo Cults” in Building Modern Software Systems by Sebastian Gębski

This is the presentation where some people could feel offended. Or terrified. Or both. Sebastian dissected industry standards and mechanisms showing, how rotten it is on multiple levels. It’s a really heavy topic and before this presentation I didn’t know things like “Point of View” and others. A very eye opening presentation.

Kudos to Sebastian.


I tried locating these three presentations here but without success. Maybe you could pull out links and add them? Thanx :)

by Dejan Milicic at 2017-09-18 07:13:16 +0000

They have not been uploaded yet. The conference took place just a few days ago

by Szymon Kulec 'Scooletz' at 2017-09-18 13:29:54 +0000