Pay back with your feedback

Posted on March 30, 2017 · 1 min read · tagged with: #feedback #personal


How many times you read a blog post or seen a presentation and had some opinions or remarks that you wanted to share with the author/presenter. How many times you actually shared them?

Vacuum is no good

The worst thing that can happen when presenting is receiving no questions or remarks at all. Lack of it undermines the whole presentation leaving the speaker in a state where their presentation wasn’t bad or good. It was nothing. Still, there’s a line between a regular attendee and a presenter  like a question in a head

How can I ask a question or share my remark/feedback with a presenter? She/he is a presenter, I’m the listener. I should be listening

or something similar.

Your opinions are my money

Presenters and bloggers strive for feedback and your opinions! Actually, receiving one is the best and only opportunity to make a better presentation, to write a better blog entry. How should you provide one?

Have you seen a mizpelld wrod? Write a direct message or an email.

Are you seeing some fallacy? Ask about it in a comment clarifying your point of view.

The presentation/entry is plain wrong? Write your own and ping the author. Maybe it’ll start a fruitful discussion?

Of course there is a lot of dragons in there like trolling, being rude and so on and so forth. If you keep your thoughts to yourself though, nobody will know about them, including the author that you think about.


I totally agree with this post. Personally I try my possible best to give feedbacks, really it doesn't even take up to 2 minutes of my time.

by Mitchy at 2017-03-30 08:04:29 +0000