The Only Thing That Matters – presentation materials


A few days ago I gave a presentation titled The Only Thing That Matters. Below you can find the list of materials one could use to ramp up his knowledge about topics covered in the presentation. Beware! Spoilers ahead!

Sql Server

Event Store



I hope this links help you in pursuing the understanding of logging and append only structures. Let’s flush some data on disk!





3 thoughts on “The Only Thing That Matters – presentation materials

  1. Kafka is my aim to learn and test but your reference to blog “call me maybe” scares me 🙂

    • Why does it scare you? Because of the possible data loss or the complexity?
      When learning Kafka, you don’t have to know all the distributed systems terms and theories. The client API is pretty straight forward and you can easily abstract away the underlying implementation details when learning. It’s up to you and your learning pattern 🙂

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