Service Fabric – KeyValueStoreReplica (1)

TL;DR In the previous post I introduced Sewing Machine, a helper library for building more on top of strong Service Fabric foundations. Before building a thing, one needs to know the foundations though. That's where we start our Service Fabric journey. Actors One of the paradigms that are supported by Service Fabric is a Virtual … Continue reading Service Fabric – KeyValueStoreReplica (1)

Sewing Machine for Service Fabric

TL;DR This is an introductory post for my new Open Source journey project, Sewing Machine that aims at extending capabilities of Azure Service Fabric services in various ways. It's focused on speed and performance, but also aims at delivering more capabilities build on top of the powerful Service Fabric foundations. Services and actors Service Fabric … Continue reading Sewing Machine for Service Fabric

Marten: my Open Source experience

TL;DR This post describes some of my Open Source experiences when working on Marten, a Polyglot Persistence for .Net Systems using the Rock Solid Postgresql Database (TM). This isn't me boasting, but rather sharing a pleasant story about getting involved in some solid OSS. Background The main person responsible for Marten and the main committer … Continue reading Marten: my Open Source experience