Snapshot time!

Posted on November 28, 2016 · 2 mins read · tagged with: #event driven architecture #EventSourcing

It’s snapshot time! There’s been a lot of event sourcing content so far. Let’s do a recap!

Below you will find a short summary of event sourcing related articles that I have published here so far. Treat it as a table of content or a lookup or a pattern collection. It’s ordered by date, the later - the older. Enjoy!

  1. Why did it happen - how to make your event sourced system even easier to reason about
  2. Event sourcing and interim stream - how to embrace new modelling techniques with short living streams
  3. Multitenant Event Sourcing with Azure - how to design a multitenant event sourced system using Azure Storage Services
  4. Rediscover your domain with Event Sourcing - how to use your events and astonish your business with meaningful insights
  5. Event Sourcing for DBAs - a short introduction for any relational person into the amazing world of event sourcing. Can be u sed as an argument during a conversation.

  6. Enriching your events - what are events metadata and why should we care? how to select the most important ones
  7. Aggregate, an idempotent receiver - how to receive a command or dispatch an event exactly once?
  8. Process managers - what is a process manager, how can you simplify it?
  9. Optimizing queries - how to make queries efficient, especially when dealing with multiple version of the same application running in parallel

  10. Event sourcing and failure handling - an exception is thrown. Is it an event or not? How to deal and model it?

  11. Embracing domain leads towards event oriented design - how event oriented design emerges from understanding of a domain