Build Tour 2016 in Warsaw

Posted by scooletz on June 10, 2016 · 1 min read

Probably every .NET developer watched at least a few presentations from the Build conference. Happily for Polish .NET developers, Warsaw has been selected as one of the cities where Build speakers came to share their exciting news about Microsoft, Windows and .NET.

The conference took place in Expo XXI. The very first thing were containers with Build logo on them. I must admit that this was a bold way of showing where the conference takes place and much better than just a few stands. The venue and the scene were amazing. It was a copy of the Build scene so you could feel the atmosphere. Every organizational aspect of it was well thought through.

The key topics were Universal Windows Platform apps, Web Apps and IoT. Even if I don’t work with these on daily basis the level of talks, as well as the way they were being presented, was balanced enough to actually show and share some meaningful information. The top three for me were:

  1. The packing of Universal Windows Platform apps. Running an installer in a recording container to be able to apply all the operations on the system later on.

  2. Manifoldjs for building hosted we apps.
  3. Enhanced Reality provided with the Unity engine.

It was quite sad that people started leaving quite early. Fortunately, a solid group (including me:P) stayed till the very end when a networking took place. I’m looking forward to seeing Build 2017 again. Of course, in Warsaw.

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