We accept pull requests

There are many protocols of collaboration. There’s famous C4 from 0MQ & others as well. Sometimes a project lives without collaboration rules being explicitly stated for years and can be successful. Sometimes it can suffer from bad assumptions collaborators made when they decided to invest their time in a project. To lower the possibility of any unhealthy friction, I’ve decided to write at least some bullet points for RampUp and created a simple Collaboration.md (I’ve just been sent the very first PR for RampUp :D).

The main issue I wanted to address was that ‘I accept pull requests’. This topic is discussed over and over again and can be described in a following way: .NET devs are not willing to collaborate and rather than providing PRs they just blaim/complain etc. The landscape is changing now and everyone involved in .NET Open Source can feel it for sure. More PRs is being issued, the engagement, so strongly needed is shifting towards an actual participation rather than poking. It doesn’t matter if you provide a new feature and rather than spending days on drawing UML you sketch it and issue a PR or if you spend one additional hour of your debugging time, distilling a PR reproducing a bug you’ve encountered. That’s what real involvement is. It’s not about talking, it’s about making things. Even if a PR is rejected for whatever reason, you learn a lot, you really participate and get a real feedback about your work, not your cheap talk.

I really hope that the new wave of OSS is coming. In that case, let’s swim with the tide.