The expert real drama

You’re familiar with The expert for sure. It’s popular across all developers. Many of my colleagues find it funny to watch the misunderstanding between an illogical business and a logical developer. There is a real drama hiding in the dark corners of this short. The expert’s drama being sold by its own manager/leader as a universal toolish expert who will deliver. If a manager/leader needs a yes-man, it’s easy to get one. They are cheap. But if one insists that a person skilled in a technical direction, with some intellect on the board will ok or yes everything which is on the table, that’s a serious misunderstanding. The expert have the following choices:

  1. say no which results in being persecuted
  2. say yes and live with this dissonance
  3. resign

If you ever be in the expert position from the movie, I advise the third option. I made the wrong choice a few years ago and this short brought back some memories.

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