Goodbye Voron

Today I read about the next project from Ayende, which manifesto you can find here. The project is meant to deliver managed memory mapped file based storage for RavenDb. What caught my attention was a sentence asking for contributors.
I thought that it would be a great idea to write a storage engine or to be a part of a team creating one, so I asked about licensing. I’ve been given an answer that it will have a RavenDB compatible license which means nothing less that the product will be dual-licensed: it’s open for OSS projects and closed for commercial. There’s an exception of course: the Raven itself.
As Ayende stated in comments “Scooletz, My code, my rules, pretty much. You are free to do the same and publish it under any license you want.”. It’s true, but as he has right to make that kind of choice I’m allowed to dislike it. The most interesting part is asking for contributors to a project which will be non-free for non-OSS solutions.
Looking through various OSS projects, Event Store looks much better. It’s BSD. One can contribute to or take it and turn it into anything he/she can think of. I do prefer the other style.

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  1. Event store is OSS including HA stuff we released it in September (look at code on master)

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