Protobuf-net: message versioning

Welcome again. Recently I'm involved in a project where Protobuf-net library is used for the message serialization concern. The Protobuf-net library was developed by Marc Gravell of Stackoverflow. Beside standard Google Protocol Buffers concepts there is a plenty of .NET based options, like handling derivation, using standard Data Contracts, etc. This is the first post … Continue reading Protobuf-net: message versioning

Rooting Motorola Defy and installing Cyanogen mode

I'm back. It'll be a short post containg nothing more than a few links helping you to replace the standard Motorola Defy Android installation.Start with you have any problems with getting su (" Installing bootmenu & the ClockworkMod Recovery" fails on running su command) as I have, get yourself SuperOneClickand use it insead of … Continue reading Rooting Motorola Defy and installing Cyanogen mode