Deiphobus, it simply works with your Cassandra

Posted by scooletz on July 05, 2011 · 1 min read

I’ve migrated Deiphobus to the GitHub. Then, I refactored it a lot, or maybe better - rewrote. Now it became fully functional wrapper for Cassandra. The newest version pushed recently closes a major list of features I wanted to add. If you want to use Cassandra from your .NET code, I strongly encourage you to take a look into (at least) a readme file which covers the majority of cases, where you may use it. And the list of features is:

  • unit of work (ISession)
  • first level caching (identity map), which simply does not hit db when entity is requested twice in one session
  • lazy load, loading an entity does not hit db till you get one of its properties
  • mapping properti es groups to column families, which allows you to load commonly used sets of properties in one db hit
  • prefetching a few entities’ data to omit ‘SELECT n+1 problem’
  • entities’ references, as one entity can reference another simply by creating a property of the other type
  • entities’ collections, as one entity can reference another; it’s lazy loaded, so adding entities does not load a whole collection from db
  • automatic dirty checks performed when ISession.Flush is called
  • the latest feature: second level cache for infrequently changing data (column families), caching a part of your entity (for instance a user name and its whole column family) in the memory cache (the default implementation)

I’ll describe all of them in the forthcoming entries, as a lot of changes happened since the last Deiphobus post.

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