Posted by scooletz on October 11, 2010 · 1 min read

During the past few days I thought about authorizations.

The Deiphobus is put on hold. At least for a while, a small ‘inverted-index-and-allow-me-to-query-non-relational-Cassandra’s system is stopped being developed. For fans of inverted indexes and Cassandra’s world, I can publish a link to the Lucandra - an implementation of automatic inverted indexer (the search indexes are created when the object is saved in the db), which is driven by the same idea as Deiphobus. The reason behind stopping Deiphobus is the project I want to have right now. I looked through the projects providing authorization possibility and I found none, which would allow me defin ing in a simple, but multidimensional way all the rules behind authorizations.

The project is name Themis and is located under

The main idea behind Themis is to allow a few dimensions of configuration, with no impact on your domain model (no interface to implement in your domain model). The Themis model consists of:

  • demands
  • role definitions
  • your domain specific roles and entities types, with no impact from Themis

In the future posts I’ll write sth more about all the parts.

My next tasks in the project will be: finishing the example, integrate with NHibernate (that will be tough) to allow filter session results with your demands!

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